Extensive term bases

Modern software

Dedicated translator teams in different specializations

Types of documents and services

medical equipment production manuals certificates of pharmaceutical products (CPP) technical and research medical publications medical software packages
textbooks and training manuals drug reference directories and package inserts clinical and pre-clinical trials and tests results popular healthcare literature and drug promotion
medical news and press releases dissertations, abstracts and other academic papers medical websites medical assessment reports
registration dossiers regulatory documents notarization/apostille interpretation for a wide range of events

Language pairs in medical translation

All major European, Asian and CIS languages

                                  Translation into Russian                                                        Translation into European languages

Russian ⇒ English  

Russian ⇒ German

Azerbaijani ⇒ Russian

English ⇒ Russian

Spanish ⇒ Russian

Italian ⇒ Russian

Kazakh ⇒ Russian

Chinese ⇒ Russian

German ⇒ Russian

Dutch ⇒ Russian

Polish ⇒ Russian

Portuguese ⇒ Russian

Romanian ⇒ Russian

Serbian ⇒ Russian

Thai ⇒ Russian

Ukrainian ⇒ Russian

French ⇒ Russian

Czech ⇒ Russian

Japanese ⇒ Russian

Georgian ⇒ English

Spanish ⇒ English

Italian ⇒ English

Chinese ⇒ English

German ⇒ English

Dutch ⇒ English

Portuguese ⇒ English

Romanian ⇒ English

Ukrainian ⇒ English

French ⇒ English

Japanese ⇒ English


We rely on APRIORI for translations in pharmaceutics, healthcare, chemistry and for the notarization. Their translation services suit our requirements in terms of quality and timing. The staff are always ready to accommodate our requests and recommendations moving fast in attending to every aspect of the task.- M.E.Rusanova, Registration specialist, Reckitt Benckiser